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Records Advisory Committee, which in accordance with Section 5 of the National Archive and Public Records Act (2015 Revision) makes recommendations to the Governor in Cabinet concerning disposal schedules, any periods of public access restrictions to public records and the disposal of those records.

The Committee consists of:-

  • Chairman (appointed by Deputy Governor)
  • Secretary to the Cabinet*
  • Attorney-General or a legal practitioner employed in his portfolio and nominated by him
  • Minister of Finance*
  • Director of Internal Audit*
  • Chief Officer, Judicial Administration*
  • Clerk of Legislative Assembly*


In accordance with Section 3 (1) of the National Archive and Public Records Regulations, (2007), the Records Advisory Committee meets as often as may be required, but not less than twice a year.

The meetings are held in the Reading Room at CINA and are closed to the public.


Minutes of the Records Advisory Committee can be obtained by visiting CINA’s Reception Desk, or by contacting us via telephone, email at or via postal mail.

Last Updated 2021-07-05