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M.V. 'Merco' and M.V. 'Judy' docked in George Town Harbour, with S.S. Evangeline (Cruise Ship) anchored behind. Photo by: Leslie E. Hines

Published 30th April 2018, 10:0am

Article Published on 16-DEC-2013

GIS' Spotlight will take a look at the Cayman Islands National Archive where viewers can learn about Christmas traditions in the Cayman Islands when life was simpler but the joy of the season was bountiful.

We take you on a historic journey to uncover a tradition that still colours the Cayman Islands today. Join us at the National Archive where an amazing treasure trove awaits. Together we will delve into a custom that stirred the Christmas spirit in Cayman's forbears, long before the Islands' wide-scale adoption of North American and other practices.