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Public nominations for Heroes Day 2014 will help recognise those who have contributed to Cayman's cultural heritage.

Published 3rd September 2013, 8:33am

National Heroes Day, one of the Cayman Island's most memorable and patriotic annual observances, will next year focus on the theme: 'Cultural Heritage'.

Accordingly from today (Monday 2 September 2013) through 30 September 2013 residents will be able to nominate persons that they believe have helped to build local culture, to receive a National Heroes Day Awards for Cultural Heritage.

To plan the event, the Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth & Culture has partnered with the Cayman Islands National Archive, The Cayman Islands National Museum, the National Gallery and the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

An organising committee led by officials from these agencies will sift through nominees to recognise those who have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the Cayman Island's cultural heritage. Categories include Early Pioneers, Pioneers, Memorial Scroll, Long Service and Emerging Pioneers.

Urging local residents to take advantage of this opportunity to express their appreciation for cultural workers, Minister responsible for Culture, Hon. Osbourne Bodden, noted: "Celebrating our heroes is a way of giving thanks to those people who have changed our lives through their selfless actions. So let us return the favour, show our admiration and appreciation and make a difference in their life."

He added, "A public nomination such as this help to boost national pride which in turn, elevates our country's presence to the rest of the world."

Minister Bodden also paid special tribute to the hard work of individuals and organizations, and stressed as well the benefits that young people reap from the various programmes that they offer.

Heroes Day is scheduled to take place on Monday, 28 January 2014. Copies of the nomination form for the Heroes Day Awards for Cultural Heritage are available online at and For more information, or to submit your nominations, contact the NHD Committee at email