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Published 21st December 2022, 2:15pm

In bygone days before Christmas trees were imported, resourceful Caymanians looked to their natural surroundings to find a tree to decorate at this festive time of year. People in West Bay and George Town often cut a Weeping Willow (Casuarina Pine), Juniper/Jennifer Bush or Limbs from the Rosemary Shrub. In Cayman Brac and the Eastern Districts, the Lancewood or Sisal tree (used in our Christmas greeting this year) was very popular. Decorated with crepe paper, balloons, ornaments of shell, thatch or burlap, it was placed in a paint can or bucket filled with sand and was much beloved by young and old alike. We delight in sharing this modern take on a traditional Caymanian Tree. (Note most of the ornaments were sourced from local artisans/craftspeople).

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.